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WANTED: hosta secret swap sign up info-june

15 years ago

If you are interested in participating in this hosta secret swap you must sign up by Wednesday, June 25/08. You must e-mail me with your info by midnight of that day to be eligable. You will be receiving the name of the person you will be sending to by Friday June 27/08. This should give you plenty of time to dig or divide or shop. **Note-please be careful of what you're digging/sending as some hostas are already flowering. With the cooler temps this year we should be fine with the timing of this swap.

As a reminder it's helpful if you update your exchange page so that your sender knows what you have and what you'd want to receive.

okay, here we go.....

1. The hosta secret swap is for at least ONE NAMED HOSTA. You are allowed to send more than one if you'd like but it/they must be healthy, diseased free, named variety of hosta with at least one eye with good rooting. *Pleae only send a hosta that you'd be happy to receive.

2. Packages must be mailed out by June 30/08 (with the weather being cooler this year we should be okay with exchanging now). If there are any problems that arise about your package getting to your receiver on time please e-mail me so that I can contact your secret trader.

3. All secret trades are to be mailed by Canada Post, Fedex or UPS with a delivery confirmation number. Once your package has been mailed please email me with your package number or tracking number. This will be used to track the package if there is a problem with the delivery.

4. **Very important** You must officially sign up to be part of this. Please e-mail me with "Garden Web Secret Swap" in the subject line with this information:

Your first and last name

Your mailing address

Your user name on Garden Web

I will e-mail you with confirmation that you are in as a participant of this secret swap.

On a final note; this should be a lot of fun and can avoid disappointment by making sure that all involved that signed up are committed to follow through and mail their packages on time.

Now, lets swap!


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