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WANTED: 2009 Hosta Secret Swap

14 years ago

It's that time of year again....time for the 2009 Hosta Secret Swap!

The swap is open to all U.S. GardenWeb members (there has not been enough interest in the past couple of years for a Canadian swap).

Well, here you go....


2009 Hosta Secret Swap Sign Up

If you are interested in participating in the 2009 Hosta Secret Swap you must sign up by 5/31/09. You must e-mail me with your info by midnight on the cut off date to be part of the Hosta Secret Swap. You will receive the name of the person you will be sending to by 6/2/09, giving you plenty of time to dig/divide or shop. As a reminder, its helpful if you update your exchange page so your sender knows what you have/what youÂd like.

1. The hosta secret swap is for at least ONE NAMED hosta. You are allowed to send more if you choose but you must send at least one healthy, disease free, named variety of hosta, at least one eye with sufficient roots. There has been much discussion on HVX and foliar nematodes on hosta forums. If you are suspicious of any hostas you have, please do not share those with fellow gardeners. Please only send a hosta or hostas that you would be happy to receive and plant in your garden. And of course, companion plants, garden ornaments, and garden tools are always welcome as well.

2. All secret trades must be mailed by USPS Priority Mail with a Delivery Confirmation Number, Fedex, or UPS. Once your package is mailed please e-mail me with your DC number or tracking number. This will be used to track the package if there is any problem with delivery.

3. All packages must be mailed out by 6/15/09. If there is an unforeseen problem getting your package out on time, please e-mail me so I can contact your secret trader. Please do not make me track you down--it only takes a minute to shoot me an e-mail. This is a "secret" trade so no one knows who is mailing to anyone else until the package is received!

4. Last, but very important, you must officially sign up to be part of this. Put "GardenWeb Hosta Secret Swap" in the subject line of your e-mail to me with this information:

Your first and last name

Your mailing address

Your user name on GardenWeb

I will e-mail you with confirmation that you are part of the Hosta Secret Swap. I will also follow up with the list of screen names of participants two days before the cutoff date for sign up. If your name isn't on the final list and you already signed up be sure to contact me immediately or you may not be a part of the Hosta Secret Swap.

I will post info on this forum about the secret swap. Please check the "Exchanges" part of the Hosta Forum frequently for updates and please only post on the "Exchanges" forum about the hosta swap. We are not allowed to post about this on the Discussions area of the Hosta Forum.

One last important note, this is always a lot of fun and we can avoid disappointment by making sure that those who sign up for the secret swap are committed to following through and mailing out their packages on time.

Let's get to swapping! :-)

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