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wanted: springbank park plant exchange ii

14 years ago

Flower Girl On: Is it still possible to get: white swirl siberian iris, iceberg lily, speedwell, or walking onion? I will set aside: v. kalimeris incisa, blue pincushion, v. soloman seal, and a lime rickey heuchera.

Capehlke: I could dig up variegated soloman seal if you are still interested...Perhaps we could swap a white phlox if it is still available?

No worries if not...the trading is fast and furious!

Confirming these trades and plants still available: Please let me know if I have missed anything/anyone.

Blue Azure allium

-lady's mantle

*purple monkshood -Barb from London / Blue Iris 3

-Autumn Joy sedum

-stella d'oro daylily

*red Stella? daylily - Blue Iris 3

*wood's pink dwarf aster - Bev-W

-variegated hosta (few different ones...forgot names)

-Karl Forster grass

*variegated Ice Dance sedge - Barb from London

*white anemone (spring flowering) - Barb from London

-pink anemone (fall flowering)

-Moonshine yarrow -very well behaved

*flowering almond cutting (x2) - Blue Iris 3

-dwarf Korean lilac cutting (x1)

-wooley lambsear

*Lime Ricky heuchera -2 Bev_W /GLG /Flower Girl On

*Obsidian heuchera - GLG

-Purple Palace heuchera

-lilac cuttings (probably purple)

*blue pincushion (scabiosa) - Flower Girl On

-red maltese cross

-blue-eyed grass (small)

-sanguisorba (Burnet)

-med-tall variegated sedum

-'firecracker' lysmachia(well-behaved burgundy-yellow flowers

-blue flax (small volunteers)

-burgundy euphorbia (small volunteers)

*varieg soloman seal -Capehlke?/FlowerGirlOn/Barb/BlueIris3

*kalimeris incisa-variegated -GLG /Flower Girl On

-1 purple sandcherry (small volunteer)

-1 smoke bush (small voluntter)

-octopus campanula (from last year's trade)-grows well

-honeysuckle (volunteers)

-black scallop ajuga

*king edward yarrow (dwarf yellow)-Bev_W /GLG

-'fiona coghill' leucanthemum (few only)

*double leucanthemum (few only)- Blue Iris 3

-'white swan" echinacea

In addition to that I will bring an appetizer finger food...bacon/tomato cups.

Look forward to seeing everyone again!

Thanks in advance

See everyone soon, Carol

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