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Today's Trip to a local Nursery.

13 years ago

Actually I should have written todays trip to my favorite local nursery and also Home Depot. But it was much too long for all that to fit in the title.

Our local Home Depot here sells a tremendous amount of plants. At this time each spring they put up chain link fencing in a section of the parking lot and extend the nursery section to four times its normal size with spring plants. By midsummer that section is taken away and it does back to the year round garden section.

I can't tell you haw much of what grows in my garden came from Home Depot. I buy lots and lots there.

Today at Home Depot I bought two big bags of potting mix as I am going to need some for tomatoes to pot, four tomato plants for growing in pots. Those are two Bush Goliath and two Patio tomatoes. A flat of Marigolds that I know its too early for but were too pretty to resist. Plus I do need them. I blueberry shrub that I had to have because it was just loaded and loaded in bloom. I already have about 30 blueberies so don't actually need another. Impulse buy LOL! Two watering wands because they never last all summer and its nice to have extras.

Then I went to the nursery. Bought two bags of Greensand, two bags of 20 lb Rose Tone (never can find a larger size), one 20 lb bag of Plant Tone. The daylilies get the Plant Tone, the roses the Rose Tone. Both get the Greensand. I am a big believer in Greensand. I feel it is marvelous stuff.

One bag of tall King Humbert Red Cannas (marked down) some red marked down oriental lilies, a flat of Impatients. Not enough, I need two but they will have more stock later. A tomato plant all potted with cage setup for people like I am this year and have no room for inground tomatoes.

Lots of violas. Lots and lots of violas. All of them the Sorbet Brand Series. An entire flat of Sorbet Coconut Swirl. Two six packs of Sorbet Orange Delight and Aorbet Plum delight. One six pack of Sorbet Blue Heaven.

I will go out and either start planting something or start putting out some fetilizer.

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