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HAVE: Hydrangea macrophylla 'All Summer Beauty'

22 years ago

I have a few very large mature specimens of 'All Summer Beauty' that I would like to trade only for something on my want list. These are now just starting to break dormancy and I need to move them soon, so either I will trade them or move them to another spot in my landscape. Tempt me now while the opportunity knocks. ;o) As they are large plants I will not mail them but will meet another trader at a midway point between us. For those not familiar with this variety, it is the only H. macrophylla which blooms on NEW wood. A very reliable bloomer for those of us in the colder zones, possibly even zone 4!

Please include the link to your trade list for ease in reference as it is very time consuming (of which mine, like many others I'm sure, is limited) to run a search to find it. Thanks so much!