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All Summer Beauty hydrangea

16 years ago

Has anyone tried this variety from spring hill nurseries cataloge?

Here is what they have to say.

"All the beauty and romance of other large-flowered hydrangeas but so much more rewarding to grow! All summer Beauty is covered with big, bold blooms of deep blue in acid soil or soft pink in alkaline soil from midsummer often until frost. Best of all, you can count on getting those fabulous flowers each and every year because the blooms form on current seasons growth-not just on that of the previous year. Therefore, harsh winters or late-spring frosts are not a problem for this hydrangea! These handsome plants have large, glossy green leaves and grow 3 to 5' with similar spread" .... and a little more written about this hydrangea.

Sounds too good to be true especially glossy green leaves? I don't describe most hydrangeas as having glossy green leave so I wonder if this is a special trait with this variety. It claims to grow from zond 5-9 full sun to complete shade which I guess in zone 9 you want shade and work your way to full sun in zone 5.

If nothing else they advertise a life time guarantee on all their plants.

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