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Two big pix and one long-winded post

17 years ago

We're strating the front in earnest tomorrow morning. Compost is coming and am breaking out my Mantis for the first time.

Below is a scale plan of our front yard. I've scanned one that doesn't include any future plans, just to give you the blank slate:


Essentially what you are looking at is an areal view of this:


The drawing was too big for my scanner and I've cut off some of the house. Just above the lines representing stairs is the front porch. The window you see behind the right side of the arbor is my office.

The dotted line is the picket fence. The circles represent the canopy of the trees once they mature in the next 10 years. The large circle on the left is a jacaranda. The center one is a crabapple and the one to the right is a coral bark Japanese maple.

Below the dotted line is the slope to the retaining wall.

Here are some of the thoughts I've had about the landscaping:

Along the entire perimeter of the inside of the fence will be a 3 foot deep bed.

Under the large window, a hedge of Breath of Heaven.

Sitting under the jacaranda will be a bench on a small flagstone patio. A flagstone path will lead from the patio north towards the window, curving to join up with the center path just below the stairs.

Another path will lead from the patio in a long arc towards the arbor.

In between the flagstones paths, going up to the crabapple will be my veggie patch. You won't see it from the street, because I'll have roses growing along the front of the fence.

The area behind the crabapple, in between the house and the front steps will be a small berm with perhaps another small Japanese maple, some ferns. It's shaded from the hot afternoon sun. I can grow all sorts of goodies in there.

Along either side of the center path will be a mix of medium and low-growing perennials and annuals.

I've been changing my mind frequently about what to do with the area on the right hand side. My latest scheme has a sort of "square within a square" idea. Beds will run along the fence and paths. Then I'll have another bed in the center with a little gravel path running around the perimeter of that (confused?). I'll plant that up with a good variety of herbs. Maybe haul in a few medium size boulders for interest.

The fence will be a mix of roses, sweet pea, and clematis. I'll plant pockets of sunflower and hollyhock for height.

The slope presents some challenge. We will run water there, but we want to keep it limited. Spingtime bulbs and early bloomers will give way to drought-tolerant plants for summer and fall show. I'm still working that planting out in my noggin.

So, all of that being said, our plans are flexible. Give me your opinions, questions, thoughts, ideas. I welcome every suggestion. This isn't something that will be happening overnight. I'm no Alan Titchmarsh and Brian's no Charlie Dimmock ;-) This project is likely going to stretch into the fall.

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