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Is there an archive? Looking for O. imbricata post from Carolinas

13 years ago

I have been trying to find a post regarding Cylindropuntia imbricata that someone found growing along a highway in the Carolinas somewhere and I can not find it anywhere. I'm pretty sure it was during 08' but could have been 07'. Unfortunately, the posts don't seem to go back far enough. Does anyone know how to search archives?

If anyone happens to recall this post and can find it.. OR if it was you that posted it, I'd be greatful for more info.

There were photos of the plants, I believe they were taken at night. I know at least one was taken at night as the person (male) that posted passed them on his way to or from work, in the dark. There were a lot of canes under the plants too... but they were pretty large plants.



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