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Five favorite garden plants...or maybe 10 :)

14 years ago

I was thinking about what plants I seem to repeat throughout my garden. If I had to list the top five they would be:

1. Roses (bet none of you saw that coming) LOL

2. Lavender :)

3. Butterfly bushes

4. Coneflowers (the purple ones)

5. Columbine

Okay, I'm going to cheat and give honorable mention to five annuals:

1. Stock...I really like this flower!

2. Alyssum

3. Petunias (especially the white ones)

4. Cosmos..the pink and white ones

5. Marigolds...the little orange ones. I love these, especially the ones with the really strong smell (they remind me of my childhood and mom's veggie garden)

What are your favorite garden plants? I couldn't limit myself to five, so feel free to list your ten favorite :)

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