Will I like my garden in five years? Will you?

11 years ago

You'd think I were a melancholy person. I used to be 30 years ago, but that's far in the past. Now I think it's the extended and prolonged cold weather and the north winds that are making even our Florida sun seem like a weenie. Driving by the freeze-killed yards and unkempt landscapes (people quit mowing in November but the weeds keep growing), I saw shrubs today sticking up, tall and unattractive in their beds, that five years ago probably looked proportional for their location. My breath caught in my chest as I pictured my roses in five years, having become the giants you warned me about, and I wondered in a semi-panic if they would be - dare I say - ugly. In my mind's eye I see my roses mounding away from the center of the circle. They're planted so close together (I was trying to allow a realistic separation while cramming in as many as possible so I might have scrimped a half a foot here and there - or maybe more) that maybe, hopefully, I won't see separate bushes sticking up here and there and space in between - like the yards I drove by today. (I know it's all relative, but Florida is SOOOO ugly in February, and it still feels like February.)

Do any of you ever look that far down the road? Now that I've been on this road for three years I have half a clue what it might be like, but I tend to be a worst-case-scenario type of person. Like - "Oh, crap, it's so horrible! Pull it all out." Will somebody please restrain me when that happens? Please? Gyolly, I'm a basketcase. Does anyone else fear the future -- in their garden, that is? I think I need a support group.


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