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Citrus plants not doing well

11 years ago

I have tried to grow chinese oranges plant in my garden 3 times but the plants shrivelled and died within about 10 months to an year. The soil ph is between 6 to 7 and I use only organic manure. On the other hand the plant of the same species is flourishing like anything in the neighbour's adjoining garden despite the fact that they do not care for the plant except watering it.
It is the same story about the five lemon plants which I have. I give them lots of organic, nitrogen rich, manure and yet with the start of winter each one starts shrivelling and falling of leaves and in most cases the onset of spring does not bring back foliage and most plants eventually die. If the loss of foliage is due to winter cold, how is it that the same plants in my neighbour's garden keep flourihsing even during the peak of winter ? We receive reduced hours of sunlight during winter but my neighbour's garden receives NO sunlight during winter.

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