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Jades in solitary

10 years ago

Found this Gollum jade (7 of them actually) on sale, it was a good deal so of course I had to bring it home. It was looking a little rough, quite a few dried up fallen leaves, some wrinkled up ones, and a few black. I had thought to wait until spring to re-pot it but on closer inspection at home the soil wasn't very good and I found a small white egg sack on one leave.

I probably went a bit overboard, don't want bugs on my other plants. I washed all of the soil off, sprayed the heck out of the leaves and re-potted everything in a dry gritty mix. The roots all looked good, I trimmed off all the stuff that looked bad, and threw a couple pieces away. I didn't see any bugs, even with my granny glasses on-the better to see the little beggars with! I thought about spraying with insecticide soap but decided that I had shocked the poor plants enough for one day.

They are all now in isolation, away from all other living things in the house. I realize the pots are too big but I wanted to use the sides to help support the plants until the roots establish in the new mix.


After a very good shower

Solitary confinement

Any thoughts or suggestions? Should I have done something differently?


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