New Plant IDs! and also, mealy bugs?!

14 years ago

I these today at Lowe's. It says this first one's cold hardy, but that's the only info that was given on the tag. The ends of the leaves are very hard, about half a cm long and very pointy. I think it's in a 5 or 6 inch pot...

And this one here, is two plants. I really like the one on the left, it's sorta variegated (I say sorta because it's lighter mostly on the edges of the leaves)...Except...They seemed fine at the store, but upon closer scrutiny back home, they're infested by what I think are mealy bugs. I'm surprised I didn't see them before, it looks like a pretty severe infestation. I feel so stupid..X( There's some green ones too, so I guess they're aphids. The one on the left seems to be having a worse time than the other one, and there's quite a few of these bug-looking things on new growth, and the leaves feel sticky. Oh well, I'll just try my best to save them..Right now, they're in solitary confinement in my garage sink. Lol. Should I separate those two or just leave them together since they're both infested anyway?

And if the treatment doesn't work (planning on picking most bugs off, then rubbing/spraying/brushing plants with diluted alcohol+dish soap), would I have a good chance at a successful propagation via leaf cutting?

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