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Warm, freeze, warm, freeze, warm, freeze

11 years ago

I have never witnessed a spring like we are having in the 32 years I have lived here. We had been having some really nice weather for an extended long period then we got a freeze. A hard freeze. Nothing had really come out yet so not to much happened. Then another long period of warm, weather and then another HARD freeze. This time some things had started some great new growth. My sedum angelina was looking superb, but now it looks like crap. I have a couple larch and one of them has since lost its needles. It still has green in the branches but crap. Now it has been super nice with temps in the 80's even and tomorrow we are scheduled to get another cold day of 41 with a low of 29 and the next day 51 with a low of 27. Do you think that will cause any damage? Not a real hard freeze but still a freeze. How tough are the larch? Crazy stuff for sure.

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