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Mid-spring roses in my gardens (pic heavy)

13 years ago

As requested by GGG:

Rosa, Midas Touch


Rosa, New Day

(grown from a cutting off my first plant)


Starts out soft yellow and ages to a buttery white

Rosa, Betty Boop


Rosa, Chicago Peace


Rosa, Just Joey


Rosa, Tiffany (just beginning to open)


Rosa, Gartendirecktor Otto Linne

(2nd year - just beginning to bloom)


Small dark pink blooms in clusters - very fragrant.

Rosa, Centenaire de Lourdes

Large drooping blooms with a super fragrance.


Rosa, Joseph's Coat

Starts out orange, then turns yellow and then finishes bright pink. Smells divine. (climbing, but can be pruned into a shrub)


Rosa, Carnival (miniature)

This 16 yr old rose nearly died due to voles munching on its roots, so I potted it up last year and it recovered nicely. I will set it out in this new location soon.


Rosa, New Day

(parent plant)


Rosa, Ispahan (myrrh fragrance - rambler)

(originally from Iran)

This is my favorite rose of all. Blooms once in Spring, but lasts for 4 wks. It has the strongest and most delicious fragrance of all roses.


Rosa, Ispahan

Same rose bush from another side with peony and Spriea, Goldflame between them and Flowering Pink Almond which blooms very early in Spring.


Rosa, Iceburg

Four ft. tall and loaded with large blooms this year. It is a beautiful rose. Likes afternoon filtered sun/part shade and protection from hot wind.


Rosa, Iceburg, close-up


Rosa, Belinda's Dream


Following week, same bloom:

This bloom lasted for nearly two weeks. The spots are from all the rain. Absolutely my favorite shrub rose. Fabulous fragrance.


Rosa, Ballerina


Rosa Ballerina, close-up


Rosa, New Dawn

Planted in 1997 - mother plant of my others


Growing on an arbor and up onto the roof of our carport.

Same rose


Rosa, Stars and Stripes (miniature)

(very fragrant)


Rosa Ballerina & Iceburg with Irises


Rosa, Red Blaze (cl)

First year after being cut severely back


Rosa, Damask


Super fragrant-Once blooming


Rosa, Lavender Lace (miniature - silvery lavender blooms) with Rosa, Damask hugging it on the left and in the back.


Rosa, Peace

Softer and different colors than the other Peace I have.


JP beetles chewed on it a little before I sprayed.

Rosa, Red Knockout


Peony, white


Another bloom on same peony - side view.


I have several of these. One has little dark pink specks.

I'll finish with a close-up of my favorite rose - Rosa, Ispahan.


These are most but not all of my roses and peonies.

Thank you for looking.


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