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Now i just need to decide on trees.... what do u think?

9 years ago

Ok so I decided to start a new post instead of adding on to my original since things have changed so much (in my mind anyways) from my original.
Here is a ROUGH drawing of what we are thinking. This is to scale. The bed on the front left, is this too ambitious an undertaking for a complete novice????

These are my thoughts....I appreciate ALL constructive criticism.

I planned the beds a little further back since we are thinking we will eventually put a picket fence along the sidewalk and across the front.

Bed - front left corner:
The middle tree I would like something that is around 4-6 feet tall and will end up around the same width (height isnt an issue) The 2 on the ends I would like a more narrow width, maybe 2-3 feet again height isnt an issue.
I was thinking ornamental grass or maybe some holly shrubs mixed in and a few perennial flowers. Thoughts on types of conifer i could add here? I would like something that has some height to it already...but wont get too wide for the space. Some thoughts I have are Japanese plum yew, Thuja yellow ribbon, Degroots spire, some form of narrow blue spruce that I cant think of the name.

Bed against house, we have a redbud planted, not sure if it will take but Im hoping it will. Thinking maybe some lilacs to the right. In front of walkway some perennials and some tall grasses to help hide the foundation of house. The black circle on the right is a lamp post and i was thinking of adding some vines in front of it.

Bed- front right corner... I have a couple of small trees in mind. Milky way Kousa, Korean or Japanese Dogwood, Angels Blush flowering cherry, weeping Katsura tree, Autumn Brilliance serviceberry. Thoughts? Mix in some grasses or shrubs and some perennials.

What are your thoughts on size and placement of beds and most importantly tree selection?

House is south facing, Massachusetts, Ive been told "great soil" by neighbors but not sure what that means or what type of soil. Sorry. And sorry no latin names. Im a total newbie.

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