Help for the Procrastinator(s) among us, OR.....

16 years ago

A CLEVER Marketing idea for the Well Prepared!

Lowe's has Amazon Neon Rose, in bloom, in gallon pots, for 4.88.

Since I dithered about ordering seed, and now it's practically too late, reluctantly I went browsing at Lowe's. Their gain, my semi-gain, as I now have five wonderful healthy plants, that as soon as I can get planted will, (should!) reward me w/ SOME blooms this late spring & summer. Obviously not the 20-50-100 plants I might have if I'd ordered seed,(AND sown it!, AND made it live!) but at least "something"!

Caved on 2, 3' tall 'Becky' Daisies, too. I've been wanting to see/try them for years, this is the first place I've seen them in person. They're MUCH taller than I thought they were in plant descriptions or pics. Aren't they supposed to be THE variety for cut daisies? They do have great long stems, and I think, minimal branching, but I was shoving them into my cart too fast to look closely, worked today, and now it's late.

Lowe's also has some potted Arcotis. All I can find in Germania is that its just listed in their "regular" flowers section, and that it's similar to a Gerber. The stems were firm, but maybe hollow, I wasn't sure how they'd last as a cut. Any info? They're pretty yellows/salmon/rusts. I haven't caved on that one, YET! LOL!

So, for next year, all of you who grow plants to sell at your early markets might look into potted Becky's and Amazon Neon. The folks at Lowe's and their growers sure did, and got MY money!

Procrastinating Patty

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