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I Found A Good New Fertilzer For My Citrus!

12 years ago

Just thought I would share about a fertilizer I found that really worked for me this summer that I tried for the first time this year for my citrus.

It is called Monrovia Fruit Tree and (Fruit) Vine Food.Premium Blend of Natural Organic Ingredients,carefully formulated for feeding all types of fruit and CITRUS trees.

It is made by Monrovia Organics. It is totally Organic.

(Our Monrovia Organics Fruit Food is also recommended for use on all types of berries, grapes, and fruiting vines).

It is derived from Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Sulfate of Potash, Kelp Meal, and Soybean Meal

Plus 12 Strains Mycorrbizae.


It is granulated.

Anyway, I am not an expert, nor claim to know much about fertilzers, but I had much success using this for the first time this summer. I had two non-blossoming/fruiting citrus both blossom and fruit for the first time after only 3 weeks of this fertilizer.

I had several trees lose a lot of leaves over the winter indoors. I fed them this spring when I first moved them outside, and the new growth started only 3 days after feeding!

I got more more fruit production and more blossoms than usual than any other year on certain trees.

YEah, I know, I sound like an info-mercial! LOL! No, really, this did wonders for my citrus. I have a big lemon tree was 3/4 leaf-less this spring due to lack of light indoors this summer. After feeding the tree this fertilzer, my tree now looks like nothing ever happened to it. It is full of big green leaves.

You see for me being on the East Coast, I do not have many choices for citrus specific fertilzer, so that may be one of the reasons why I got so excited to find this.

But, I was just curious if anyone else had used this fertlizer for their citrus. And if this seems to be as good as I think it is? OR am I just way too excited? LOL!

I just thought I would share my experience if it could help someone else!


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