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Tips on How to Sow in Seed Trays ?

18 years ago

Hello all,

All this talk about sowing and annuals and the thought of the variety I could have - has me convinced I should try some annuals and seed sowing. I have never tried sowing seed on a large scale (except several direct sown naturalized wildflower plots). I have mostly done landscaping with potted plants and growing from plugs. I have direct sown a few seed in peat pots - but to make things more cost effective I was thinking of sowing in trays like flats - not individual grids - would this be the best way to go?

Where can I purchase trays, soil or seed starting mix and some type of a seed dispenser to make things more efficient? Who do you recommend to purchase seed from?

Can I put my trays outside during the day and bring in at night or should I get heating pads? I keep my house at about 65 degrees - would that be warm enough to germinate most seed?

Thanks in advance for any help you can suggest.


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