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No buds now new buds on meyer lemon

14 years ago

I hope some of you seasoned meyer lemon growers can give me some guidance. My little tree is 3 yrs old and I've never gotten any worthwhile fruit from it, but I'm hanging in there with it. It bloomed in the spring but all the tiny fruit fell off. no blooms all summer until a week ago. There's also been new leaf growth. I haven't fed it since march or april just weekly watering and I moved it in may to a less sunny spot - it didn't do well in previous summers in 100+ dry Texas heat. The feed was fish emulsion and later miracle gro. I did repot this spring with a commercial mix for cactus/citrus I bought at home depot. Any feedback on what to do next? what not to do?

Also, my tree has at knot at the base with little roots coming from the bottom the 2 branches that fork out of the top. it looks like I have two separate bushes. How do I tell which one of these might have been a sucker that has to be cut? They are both about the same size diameter.

I tried attaching 2 photos. hope they made it.

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