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Improved Meyer Lemon - Indoors/Repotting

18 years ago

Within the year, I have purchased 2 Meyer Lemon container trees. They are doing great outside, but I live in zone 3 (North Dakota) and will need to bring my trees inside as the cool season approaches. When should I bring them indoors?

In addition, I am in an apartment building with the windows facing southwest and this doesn't allow much light to enter. What should I do about light for my trees during these indoor months? Also, I have read that a humidifier is helpful for indoor citrus, is this true? Any other tips to help my citrus thrive indoors?

In addition, they both need to be repotted. What type of container would be best? How big? And what type of soil is recommended?

I appreciate any and all advice as I am new to this! Thank-you in advance.

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