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Help concerning my newly repotted Meyer Lemon tree

10 years ago

Hello everyone! My name is Adam and I am glad to have found this forum. I did some research concerning my problem on here, but I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself and maybe get some thoughts on my tree. My wife and I purchased our improved Meyer Lemon tree back in April. It was great and produced 11 delicious lemons for us over the summer/fall. On Dec. 17, we harvested the lemons and decided to re-pot it. As a newbie to growing citrus trees, I bought the "dreaded" Miracle Gro Palm, Cactus, and Citrus soil. However, our tree now has an alarming amount of yellow leaves, with more apparently turning... Is it just transplant shock? The soil definitely does not drain even close to as well as the soil it came with. I've read that the tree does best in higher drainage soils. Should I use some of the recommended soils some past posts have suggested? Is it even safe to do another transplant only 2-3 weeks after the first one? I am not sure what todo, but we really want our "Herbert" (the name my wife gave the plant :D ) to survive and thrive! Its full-time indoor, in a window which gets sun till from sunrise till 1-2 pm. Thank you in advance for your input and expertise!

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