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Feeling frustrated - Looking for sources....

11 years ago

Anyone know retail nurseries in the greater San Francisco Bay Area that do business with Bucholz & Bucholz, or Iseli or Stanley..... Or is there any way to buy from them wholesale?

Last year one of my local nurseries added my wish list to their order from Iseli and I acquired some of the little gems I wanted that way, but this year I can't get any sort of committment from them to order from Iseli this year.

So....I have a long list of plants I'd like to acquire and the best sources look to be those I mentioned above, but I can't seem to find a nursery in my area that does business with them. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but so far I only find the commonest of dwarf conifers to be available in my area and even hardly any of those.

Meanwhile, I have discovered Porterhowse and Ceonosium but they don't have many of the things I am looking for, so any pointers to good sources would be appreciated.

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