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Help me evaluate my Lemon Tree! (pics)

17 years ago

Hi All! This is (supposedly) a Meyer that was planted by the previous owner of our new house. The house is approx. 65 yrs old, so that might give you a clue about the age of the tree. The tree has been bearing lots of fruit, and seems to be growing very well, despite some minor pest problems. It also looks like shearing was the pruning technique of choice for the previous caretaker.

So far I've pruned it once, to thin it out, and to shorten some of the longer new growth branches. I've also thinned out a lot of dead wood in the center. You can see below that it is really dense in the middle. I've fed it once at the beginning of spring with some citrus fert. I've picked a bunch of snails and applied Sluggo (iron phosphate) a couple of times. And finally, I've been dumping my coffee grounds underneath the tree.

Please look at these pics and tell me what else I can and should do to make this tree as healthy and attractive as it can be. We live in SF, so we have the cool foggy summers and mild winters. All comments are welcome! Thanks!

--Tree (Lemonade still tastes good in 65 deg. fog)


--Some Leaves show damage


--What a mess of branches!


--Trunk. I've been slimed!


--Planting Bed. Azalea in the foreground.


--Lemons. Why do the rinds look so ugly?


Here is a link that might be useful: More Lemon Pics

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