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What am I doing wrong?! Please help, seedling problems.

8 years ago

Three weeks ago I used some lemon seeds and used to the paper towel method to germinate them. I put it on my cable box since its consistently warm, didn't sprout anything instead it looked like i cooked the seeds and puss was either coming out or dried out completely. SO i tossed them. I went to my mom's house two weeks ago and did it for her using the paper towel method and her seeds sprouted within 3 days, she now has them in soil and it sprouted, I also put them on top of her cable box. I came home and did it again using the paper towel method this time putting it on a heating mat, that one failed as well and i had to toss them. I did it again for the third time, this time I was careful to completely peel off the second layer of the seeds so its completely the seeds, and also left some with the second brown coverings. I went to check them today, its only been three days and two of them already looks cooked.

I just can't understand what the heck am I doing wrong? I make sure the paper towel is not dry nor dripping but moist. I leave a little bit of air in there. Basically i did the exact same thing I did for my mom and her plants are doing beautifully and mine are failing miserably!

Please help!!

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