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Some Spruces--Opinions Please

13 years ago


I am looking at the possibility of trying out a few of the less common spruce trees that are available. Here is a list. If any of you have any experience/ideas about how they would do here just north of Winchester, VA, let me know. And, If any of you have any information about any special attractive features, that also. It is hot and relatively dry here--we usually get about 30 days over 90 degrees F, and maybe 2 to 5 near 100. Winter hardiness Z6.

Norway spruce, Oriental spruce, and Colorado spruce do fabulously well here, so maybe I donÂt need to try any more spruces. Serbian spruce does OK, but grows very slowly and seems to struggle a bit. Serbian spruce does very well at my timberland in western MD, elevation 2,700 feet, relatively cool and humid. Temps above 90 degrees very rare.

Picea crassifolia Qinghai spruce

P. jezoensis Jezo spruce

P. koyamai Japanese spruce

P. likiangensis Likiang spruce

P. meyeri Meyer spruce

P. retroflexa Chinese spruce (P.asperata related?)

P. schrenkiana Tianshan spruce

P. gemmata Tapaoshan spruce

P. pseudowilsonii

P. wilsonii

P. engelmannii

The Arowhead Alpines catalogue says at one point that all their Asian spruces come through their south central Michigan winters looking rather beat up. Here in Virginia it is much milder, but maybe more windy. Should I skip all the Asian varieties? Meyer spruce is Asian, but it has some popularity and is offered by several bulk seedling producers--would it be more "durable" than the others?

Well, any guidance you can give me will be appreciated. I canÂt help but think there may be some real gem among these.


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