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Help Me! I'm lazy!! If you chose 21 varieties, Which Ones?

I am happy to report that my Flying Dragon rootstock seeds are producing more seedlings than expected.

They will not all be dwarf, but some definitely are! They are rising from their root riot cubes all twisty and little, and they are growing slow. Their Brothers are straight and tall, so not dwarf. I'll use those for practice in budding.

We are planting a row of 21 dwarf citrus on our frontage. So, here is the dilemma! 21 different varieties! Which ones do I want? I would love your suggestions and experiences with the different ones.

All the rootstock is Flying Dragon. I can order budwood from CCPP in July for delivery in September. There are tons of varieties!! I'm not a fan of kumquat, so that is out. Please tell me what you would order if you lived where Citrus thrive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Citrus Clonal Protection Program

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