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Anyone know a good site for shrub/tree ident. ?

I had this opportunity plant growing in a potted azalea and when the azalea died, I planted this other plant.

It's evergreen.

Growing like a weeping yaupon but leaves are different and it's not weeping.'s upright, stiff, twiggy.

The leaves range from young itty bitty to 1 1/2" long in singular alternate arrangement up the twigs and main stalk.

The leaves have almost no stem, are stiff and leathery dark green.

The leaves have varying shapes. One entirely smooth margin and the other side might have one or two spines.

Some of the younger leaves have no spines at all.

All the leaves are oblong.

The bark is pale greenish tan.

The leaves are deep semi-shiny green on the upper surface and pale ,almost bark colored green on the underside..

It's not ilex vomitoria which has a rounder leaf than this and no spikes or points.

It's not pyracantha.

Anyone hazard a guess? It's grown to 4' (from 20" two years ago) and definitely upright.

I'm stumped and of course have no way to post a photo.

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