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Growing Rooguchi Clematis on Obelisk Trellis?

Hi there. I have an odd question for you guys I am hoping you can answer! :) Lets see if I can word this correctly.

I am getting two rooguchi clematis in the next few days and want to grow them on two large obelisk trellises. I know that rooguchi clematis do not have tendrils that wrap around the bars, so I am wondering if I should plant them in the center of the obelisk so they will grow up the center and have the obelisk to help hold them up?

This makes more sense to me than growing it on the outside and winding it through the obelisk trellis. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience trying something like this?

To me it makes more sense but I've never grown a clematis without tendrils so i don't have any experience.

Attached is a picture of the obelisk trellis from the seller. They are about 7 feet tall. Thank you!

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