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Potting medium for Jade plant

14 years ago

Alright, I have a very sorry jade that I took as a cutting from my parents' house about 3 years ago. I rooted it and potted it in regular old potting soil (I know, I know, this is bad.)I kept it at my then-boyfriend's house for a year or so, and it was looking awesome. Then we got married and he moved into my house, and now my poor jade is hanging on by a thread. It's been here since April of '08, and it's been slowly dropping leaf after leaf. We have a new baby, so the plants have been kind of neglected, and it's been a long time coming, but I'd like to try to save the little guy. I went out and bought a pretty shallow pot (it's not a big plant...maybe 5-6" single stalk.) and also grabbed some cacti/succulent premixed potting medium. I'm reading the bag as I'm getting ready to repot, and I see that it has a good amount of peat in it...So how is that supposed to dry out fast? One thing I thought of is that I have some gravel from potting other stuff up that I've used to cover soil. Could I mix some of this in to make it not-so-absorbent? Any ideas appreciated!

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