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Thoughts of Winter Are More Than Passing These Days

We've had a most unusual summer here, many days cooler than usual and wetter than usual. At any rate, these last two days of August have had me thinking that they're mid-October or later - cold, windy and making me wear a long-sleeve shirt when I go out.

Anyway, it's got me thinking that, in the next three weeks, I've got to get all of the potted plants inside. That means cleaning and checking the pots for pests and such (I don't think I have any, but sometimes that's deceptive, eh?), aside from getting the tables back inside near the winter-light-getting windows. Wow, summer's almost over, and as written it's been a cool one, yet my plants enjoyed great growth while they've been out.

Speaking of out, outside I have some plants growing directly in the soil - they'll have to be dug up and potted up before being brought in, but they've done well in the poor soil here - plant Crassula ovata, add water, and, viola! you have doubled growth.

It's cool, overcast for the most part and summer's almost over. I don't want to lose any more plants to cold than I have already (four Burseras in one fell swoop was awfully careless of me last year) so I have to get my giddy-up and start moving and shaking. OTOH, the in-ground Sedums are all cold-hardy (maybe except for S. dasyphyllum, which I'll find out this winter if it is), as are my only cacti (Opuntia polyacantha and O. fragilis).

What are your prepare-for-winter plans?

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