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Good pollinator for Clementine vs. Afourer

15 years ago


More Citrus 101 for me....

I just bought Clementine and Afourer dwarfs and am starting to read up about pollination.

Someone here told me not to plant them in the same yard or they'd both end up VERY seedy. After a google search I've learned that it's actually a pretty serious concern for the citrus industry... I don't entirely understand all the science of it but I get the gist of it.

So, is the Clementine + Afourer combination particularly seedy? Are there other combinations of Clementine + _____ some other fruit or Afourer + ________ some other fruit that makes either of them less seedy.

I also vaguely recall a sign for the Clementine at one store that they can use Navels for cross pollination... but that's confusing since Navels are seedless. But if a navel will work, I'll just get a navel and return either the Clementine or Afourer.

Then again, maybe my meyer lemon will cross ok?

What I'm getting at is will the number of seeds in the Clementine be the same regardless of if I cross it with a Navel, or a Meyer, or the Afourer?

Likewise, if I decide to keep the Afourer and return the clementine... you get the picture.

Hope someone can help with this,



I also bought a Meyer... I know those aren't seedless but will they be enough to pollinate?

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