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White wisteria not blooming

9 years ago

I have a couple of wisteria vines that came from garden centers. Unfortunately, I have forgotten what types they are called. I have a purple one that produces huge purple buds that are just today beginning to open. I have a second one that is probably four or possibly 5 years old (after planting) that only put out a couple of buds that turned into white flowers last year. I don't think the bud shape was the same as the purple, but I didn't look closely, or perhaps the flowers were already out when I realized it had a couple of blooms. I would guess that they look more like the wild type that we see growing all over the area that natives think are invasive pests.

I came from California, where wisteria is not so easy to grow. There are often suggestions to beat the plants half to death at the roots to encourage bloom. Does anyone back here have ideas on what to do to get some flowers on this one. It is certainly growing very well on a porch railing, facing south, but shaded fairly closely by pines.

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