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WninterFUN! Please post pics of your now blooming citrus:-)

11 years ago

It has been such a drab around my area latey, with everything being brown and white and all outdoor plants asleep, I am grateful for our plants that give us pleasure in-doors! This is the first full sunny day in days.

I have been amazed at the amount of blossoms coming on to some of my "home" citrus that I wanted to share.

Please share yours too and don't forget to mention the type of tree so we can see if all of ours are blooming at the same time or, in the same areas.

Yes, even if yours are outside, I would love to see them too!:-)

Let's try and to make this thread very fragrant..

Washington seedless navel. I see little buds coming!




One of my ponderosa trees I am training to stand tall.



My calamondin just starting to break out in bloom



My tiny "red ruby" grapefruit cutting just starting...



My "Oro Blanco grapefruit" busting out with blooms still hanging on to one fruit.







I can't wait to see yours too! Fun in the darbbiest part of winter, that is of course if you hate the cold.


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