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drip irrigation in san francisco

Laurel Zito
12 years ago

I am thinking of installing a drip irrigation system, but I wanted to know if there are any benefits or drawback in plant health? I attended a conference in which the speaker said drip irrigation is bad for ca natives, however, I do not grow any ca native perennials, because they don't do well in San Francisco. We don't have any summer heat. Since I grow things like hydrangeas, roses, and cannas, I think they would benefit being that they are high water plants. Roses are sort of average water. I also have ferns, most of my garden is high water plants, but since we don't get heat, I don't have water as much as I would if I lived in a hotter area. But, I don't have any experience with drip irrigation so I wanted to explore the pros and cons. Any comments would be appreciated.

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