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Newbie with, yes, a stupid question :-)...Datura

18 years ago

About mid May, I was sent 3 little, one branch plants in a round robin labeled "Yellow Evening Primrose". Well, not knowing what they looked like, I thought they would stay somewhat small, and planted them in my front island bed. Well, they are now 2 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and in the evening, they open to HUGE white, very fragrant trumpet shaped blooms. Spectacular! I figured it some sort of Datura. I googled "night blooming datura", and it gave me a pic of excatly what I have, but I can't find a "name", or information on it, as only the pic up top will appear.

Can I dig these up and bring them inside for the winter? How do I collect the seeds? Thy are planted in mostly shade, getting only a bit of morning sun. Are Datura's and Brug's related?

Help!!!!!!, LoL.

Thank you!

Blessings, Tina

Oh, my pooch broke off a couple of stems/branches, can these be rooted? I have them in water. Thank you so much in advance!

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