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What to do with a swampy yard - new homeowner needs ideas!

9 years ago

My yard is a wet sponge. I have a lovely crop of skunk cabbage growing in the middle of the lawn and the moss is so thick that the dog jumps up and down on it like a matress.

I was told by some neighbors that the area used to be wetland in the 60's before it was filled in with hogfuel and built on. I have a wet spot near the house that drains diagonally accross the yard. I literally need rubber boots to walk in my yard.

I'm not sure what my options are for drainage control, if I need to use fill or crush gravel, or what. My neighbor on one side has converted his lawn to crush. It would be nice to have a lawn as I have a dog who loves to run around, but I'm not adverse to putting crush down either.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do with a yard like this? I'm going to be talking to a local landscaping company this week to see what they think but I want to get some ideas first.

I live in prince Rupert BC where the summers don't get much higher than 20-25 C and the winters get very little snow and sub-zero temperatures. The yard gets full sun in the morning and half the yard gets full sun in the afternoon as well.

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