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To all BST Newbies w/Chrysalis Problems

15 years ago


There were a couple of posts asking what to do with BST chrysalis that came off from whereever it was attached to.

Here's my simple solution (see picture). The chrysalis in this picture was totally torn off from its attachment--there was not much from the silk pad or its little harness left. You can attach it to a branch like I did: dab a drop of glue on the tail end, and then cut a very thin strip from a masking tape to use as a sling. Tape it very gently around the chrysalis about at the same place where its rel sling was. Please handle with care, though, they are fragile (especially early, when they still wiggle).

If you have a chrysalis with a complete silk pad plus its sling just use a dab of glue in 2 places to reattach.

I must caution newbies, though. My very first chrysalis I hung the wrong way (reversed), and the resulting butterfly fell to the ground, and its wings stayed crumpled. Sadly I had to euthanize him.

Therefore you must hang the chrysalis just like in this picture.

The butterfly on this picture was close to emerging, and it turned out to be a beautiful one!!

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