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Why won't butterflies stop at my garden?

15 years ago

I have been gardening for 10+ years at my place and seem to be at an ideal site for attracting butterflies but they never stop to rest or feed on my lovely selection of plants. What am I doing wrong? My house and gardens are smack dap in the middle of corn/soybean field, evergreen mini-forest, open field, and brushy wooded area. I always see swallowtails come from the pine trees, fly right over my house and gardens and go into my woods. I know there is wild butterfly weed in the woods but I have purple coneflower, shasta daisy, scabiosa, asters, daylilies, coreopsis, speedwell, salvia, blanket flower, butterfly bush and more in my gardens but still never see anything but bees at them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try next to get them to stop by on their way over the next time?? I do get the little white cabbage butterflies galore but they are boring now.

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