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bump on monarch chrysalis- help asap please

15 years ago

I am so glad to have discovered this forum, and sure hope someone can answer this one!

I am a first time monarch mommy, trying to do my part to maintain the monarch population. I planted the milkweeds from seed from monarchwatch this spring, and found several 1/4"long monarch cats on July 4th. I constructed a nice mesh castle for them, with bamboo sticks, etc. washed and dried the milkweed leaves, kept their castle clean.

The cats are week old chrysalids (one died in the process of transforming to a chrysalis).

So - one chrysalis is darkening from jade green, and has developed a small bump toward the bottom.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal, or should I be worried?

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

Flowergirl from Northern California

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