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I thought the season would get better...

16 years ago

when we started getting rain but that hasn't really happened yet. We had a couple weeks with showers every other day or so but then it stopped.

I have never seen so few butterflies in my yard, even before I started butterfly gardening.

I see fewer species and fewer of those that I do see.

Today was a good day: I saw a couple Polydamas flittering around and then I released 7 that I had raised. There was a lonely Monarch out but my milkweed is all depleted. I had 7 caterpillars crawl inside my pool screen area to get on the milkweed that I keep inside to feed the ones I raise. They ate most of it so I went and bought one large plant at a nursery for them to feed on. This nursery doesn't spray - they raise most of their own plants - I asked why theirs didn't have eggs - She said - "NO butterflies, NO eggs!"

I think I saw my first White Peacock of the season from a distance. Saw one Sulphur laying eggs on my Cassia, but usually I will see three or four hanging around all day.

The Gulf Frits are the most numerous. I have resorted to bringing them in to raise even though they do fine on their own!

I had one lonely Zebra Longwing lay 2 eggs on my Passionvine, then disappear! Usually I get a dozen in one laying episode.

One single female EBS did visit on Thursday. I watched her lay eggs on my dill, my fennel, my parsley, AND my Rue. She sure did spread the joy around! I am not sure if I will have enough to feed them if they hatch!

Sounds like I have a lot, doesn't it? But these are from like one of a species and not dozens like I normally have during this time of the year. I amso puzzled why they aren't hanging around. I have tons of nectar plants, and host plants. Just makes me sick to think this is the way it is going to be from now on.

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