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Overwhelm with California Native Plant Selections

12 years ago

My front yard is lava rock/gravel with a few trees. I'd like to plan a water-wise planting. (San Diego - Zone 23) The yard has three obvious zones. I'm thinking 6-inch to one-footers near the street, 1-2 foot plants in the middle and 3 footers near the house. So the visual effect would be a rising landscape of plants.

Every specific list of plants (California natives, water-wise, shrubs, etc.) gives me a long list of plants alphabetical by name (which might as well be in Chinese) with no clue to the size, color or anything else without me individually tracking down each one.

I'd love to see lists like.....

California Natives, water-wise, ground cover

California Natives, water-wise, 6 inches to one foot

California Natives, water-wise, 1 to 3 feet

Maybe even with photos so I could get ideas about color selection.

I just got "Western Gardner" which has several lists like this, plants for pots, water-wise plants, etc. So I'm tending to use this book only.

Are there other net sources that will help me get a breakdown like I describe above?

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