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Newbie container ideas

15 years ago

Hi folks,

I am sure someone has already found these containers but I thought I would share my idea AND ask some questions. Yesterday DH and I went to Wal-Mart to get some distilled water for my hydroponics garden. I saw a case of 24 bottles of purified drinking water. These are 20oz clear plastic bottles and the entire case of 24 bottles was only $3.50. I am not a bottled water person usually but for the hydroponics I buy the gallons of distilled (until I can get my filtration system installed). I did not see the water for drinking -- I saw the empty bottles for WS covers in my EarthBox direct sow seeds.

Anyone here use the small size clear plastic bottles to cover direct sown WS seeds? Do I just leave the tops off ÂOR-- do I put holes around the sides at top?? ÂOR-- bottom?? I will be planting most of my WS seeds directly in the EarthBox so using these water bottles looks like it might work. Any suggestions??


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