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My Hippeastrum Honey Moon is over

14 years ago

Hi Friends

My enthusiasm for Hippeastrums is dampening.

This is the only plant that like humans has many races and endless faces in each race. Like humans the siblings from the same pod have different faces, they have common features but are not the same.

The other problem is that there are no UGLY ones, which one would not hesitate to discard.

Even if you decide to keep just one of each, you are overcrowded with their off springs.I had two PAPILLIO bulbs, now I have27.

Soon you realize, you have no space left for anything else. The world of plants has so much for you, only if you have some space.

Currently I have following plants to look after.

Fruit trees

Mulberry, Jaman ,Oranges, Grape fruit, Lemon, Papaya

Ornamental trees

Jacaranda , Butea, Chorisia, Bottlebrush, Saraca, Casia fistula (Ammaltas), Delonix Regia, Alexander Palms, Fish tail Palms,Tulip tree.


Allamanda cathartica, Ixora, Brunfelsia, Gardenia,Frangi Pani, Motias, Night Jasmin, Calliandra, Habiscus, Tecoma, Charistagali.


Allamandas,Thunbergia Alba,Thunbergia Alata,Campsis,

Clerodendrum,Mucuna,Petrea Volubilis,Pyrostegia venusta

Quisqualis Double,Senecio, Wisteria alba,Wistaria Sinensis.



Adenium,Cannas,Euphorbias,Amaryllis Beladona,

Hippestrums (a few thousand),Crenums (6 kinds),

Sprekelia, Narin, Hymenocallis ( 2 kinds).Haemanthus Multifloris,Rain Lilly,

Gerberas, Eucharis, Roses,


The list keeps changing.



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