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Winter sow or Direct sow?

15 years ago

I have two cans of flowerseed mixture that I was given in the high summer, after it was too late to plant them (I thought). One is a wildflower mixture and one is a red/white/blue mixture. I also just finished grubbing out a ton of weeds that grew in my front garden this year, and I now have a 10 x 10 space of bare dirt with one garden statue in the middle of it and a hosta border. More weeds have germinated and put up sprouts already - Mom Nature abhors a vacuum.

Would it work to hoe down those baby weeds, put down a layer of compost, then sprinkle the wildflowers and cover with mulch? I'd like to try the multiple plastic containers, but (a) the seeds are already mixed, and (b) my husband would kill me.

Also, most of the back yard is in the same naked dirt condition, but it's shady enough that I have trouble getting things to grow there. Does anybody have ideas as to what could grow there, both in the borders (which now have some rather spindly rose of sharon) and in the center of the yard where anything resembling grass dies? We don't use the back yard much because it is not inviting as it is, but it has excellent soil.

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