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Some Australian treasures

16 years ago

Several years ago I had a very nice young employee. She married an Australian an did emigrate to Down-under - the country the farest away from Switzerland. So I became interested a little more on this continent and when I did realize their restrictive import regulations, I thought they cannot have any amaryllis in Australia. Far from it: read Veronica Reads book!

With a little fortune I got a packet with bulbs from Australia - not very cheap, but extraordinary plants.

As I have seen, Australian Amaryllis flowers are not so wellknown in the rest of the world, so I will share my joy with you.



As I wrote yet in an other forum in my clumsy english:

In those days of end november, when our mother sun makes herself scarce, we need and love our flowering beauties all the more.

Specially all of us with health-problems and in reconvalescence might gain in a little rise of their mental state. I dedicate those pictures to all these comrades (of both sexes) with my best wishes for a good time and Advent.


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