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WANTED: How much do you charge for 'for postage' cuttings ?

14 years ago

I just wondered what some of you use as a guide when sending brugmansia cuttings for postage? I just had somebody tell me they were charged $11.00 for two cuttings, but I've sent many cuttings before for $6.00 or less. Priority mail boxes are free, delivery confirmation is free. For $6.00 I easily sent out 6-7 mature cuttings. NOT saying I'm doing that now LOL...but I am thinking of a future freebie offer ( please dont' post that you want in on it now, I'm not ready yet.)

So i'm just curious what you would charge somebody postage for sending cuttings ? What is the average ?

I think charging too much, is the same as selling, and that is not allowed on Gardenweb.

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