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A way to extend your growing season...

14 years ago

"A few more weeks.." is all I ask.

As some of the hippies in the collection are not ready to sleep still producing new leaf growths. I avoid cutting this new leaves(immature) as the cut end tend to get mushy instead of drying out nicely. So I had to think of a way how to extend their growing season to at least have that new leaf come out and mature before I cut it.

We are now having upper 30s(lows) but we did have our first frosts a couple of days ago (low 30s). Just before those forcasted frosts came in, I brought out my $1 plastic drop cloths, covered the still growing hippies (except exotics and Papilios) and! I made sure they were not watered for like 2 days before the frost came in.

Here was how some of them looked like...



The next day, I practically ran outside to see if they were ok. The grass in the yard was frosted but the hippies were nice and cozy inside their "tent". This is the first time I have done this and I am amazed at how tough this guys are. They will now stay in this condition to give them time to have that new leaf mature. Very minimal watering at this stage is critical.

"A few more weeks" all I ask.

Welcome to the '08-'09 Hippeastrum Season!!!


Happy Halloween to all!


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