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My first pets!! YIPEE!!

14 years ago

Well, I never! I have petunia flowers from winter sown seeds and they are just prescious and there's still two solid months of flowering left for them so I'm in for a real treat. I went away for the weekend and they decided to start flowering when I was gone. Here they are...



While I'm at it, let me show you a planter with winter sown sunflower Peach Passion, Tagetes, Alyssum and more Petunias. The Alyssums are starting to flow over and the Petunias should show up soon. :O)


Here's the same pot with other pots. In the other pots are winter sown Amaranths with store bought Verbenas and Zinnias. Oh, and my houseplants which I bring out for the summer.


OK, that's it. Thanks PV for the inspiration. I can do containers after all! :O) Oh, and Pets too!

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