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new pics from this week, heavy on the pics

15 years ago

Finally got a bit of sun in between more rain and storms. These are from this week


Cosmos candystripe



dahlia diablo white


Dahlia diablo pink tinged


close up


dahlia diablo yellow


cosmos gloria, love how the light goes through the flower in this pic


zinnia old mexico, just keeps on blooming and blooming


and this is supposed to be zinnia old mexico. the plants came from the same WS container as the ones in the prior picture



zinnia zowie flame. just keeps on going too.


dwarf balloon plant, still blooming


cleome bicolor pink. This one started bloomeing at about 16 inches tall on 7/9 and is now almost 3 feet tall and still going strong


couple of different pics of 3 easter egg plants




? of welcome visitor. As long as he/she stays on the lawn, she/he is more than welcome, get in the beds and it's all out war


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